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The Importance of Focus

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In this age of "screen time" being the primary activity for our children, I am noticing a few trends that, I believe, taekwondo helps with.

1. Lack of physical activity. I see more and more children falling away from the activities my generation enjoyed. I often tell the story to my kids of my love of baseball. When I was a child, baseball was my sole focus. If it wasn't raining you could find me, glove and ball in hand, looking for a game. If no game was to be found I could entertain myself throwing "pop ups" to myself. I believe that taekwondo can fill that role for our children these days. Taekwondo provides interaction with others, as well as a positive place to become physically active.

2. Mental focus. Screen time, although it requires focus, doesn't always provide the correct focus. I often accuse my kids of "obsession" with online entities. I believe focus is a positive thing if it is directed toward the betterment of a person's mental and physical state. In other words, watching videos is great if they are positive, wholesome videos. This, clearly, means different things for different people. As parents it is our job to determine what this means for us and our children.

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