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Testing and Special Events

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With testing and Winter Camp fast approaching, I want to take a little of your time to explain the importance of these events.

Children like to feel a part of a group. Testing, camp, and tournaments allow them to be part of a team while maintaining their individuality. Testing is the "big game" that they've been practicing for. The hard work they've put in will be rewarded with a new belt or, at the very least, words of encouragement and new things at which to excel.


Camp allows kids and adults alike the chance to train among a large group of martial artists. They can learn and grow in their knowledge from other instructors from different Taekwondo America schools. It also allows children to get out of their comfort zone and be away from Mom and Dad for a weekend.


These events will only grow the students' self confidence, martial arts skills, and their enjoyment of this amazing sport.

At McCoy's Taekwondo America, We Have Martial Arts for the Whole Family!

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