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I’ve got some really exciting news to share with you today about a new program we are bringing to our academy! NinjaTrix is the newest sport discipline that incorporates elements of the martial arts with parkour, and tumbling skills to create a program that that will keep our students Kickin’ Tricking and Flippin and having a great time while picking up skills that cross so many sport disciplines.

NinjaTrix isn’t designed to replace our martial arts class but to enhance it. The skills your ninja will develop will accelerate their physical progress making them a stronger martial artist in the process!

Think American Ninja Warrior, obstacle course training, which the kids are crazy about, with the skilled discipline of a martial artist. Your ninja will have the opportunity to “Level Up” in our NinjaTrix program with the watchful eyes of our skilled Ninjatrix Instructors guiding their progress. Do you want to really fire up your students training? Then you can’t miss our launch of NinjaTrix! We will have special offers for only those in attendance.

Be sure to call us or fill out the short form on this page to lock your spot in. Due to the high energy nature of classes we must limit it to the first 20 Ninja Recruits so call to reserve your spot today!

Let’s Do This!

Brian McCoy/Owner

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